Friday, July 20, 2012

apparently you can't register anymore and the servers are really..unpredictable. *sigh*
offline mode it is.

I'm trying to figure out Creatures 3/DS. I know a bit. I am picking it up again because I'm curious and people seem to be making some really cool things for it. When it came out I hated it. It played weird, the norns looked like crap to me, they didn't even make me feel anything for them and they were so stupid and boring to watch. Previous norns would travel, break away, have more prominent individual personalities. These new norns just crowded together and repeated actions over and over and over and over and plopped out eggs which would hatch and do the the same thing over and over generations upon generations! WHY ARE THEY NOT MOVING FROM THAT SPOT. WHY. I was spoiled by the beautiful art and charm of its predecessors, spoiled by the seemingly more intelligent, personable norns. 

Time to give it another go. I'm sure by this point the great creators of the community have re-designed and perfected the things that were less than desirable about the game in its original form. Come to my aid! AGENTS! SCRIPTS! BREEDS AND META ROOMS! GIVE ME THA POWAHHH.

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