C1 - Undead Norns

These norns are undead norns but a little different. Typically an undead norn's life stays at 0% but they will still live just fine. Most undead norns I've come across can't walk or breed. With these norns I've managed to make walking, breeding undead norns. 

These guys also have a strange gait. They can only walk backwards when standing straight up, but can walk forward when they hunch over. They also sit different, with their legs spread apart in a crouching position. These little guys are full of personality and I love watching them. Enjoy!



Tilda is my absolute favorite norn of all time. She is in all of my worlds. I love her personality. She's very smart, sweet and funny. I love watching her antics.


Coffee is the son of Tilda, with similar loveable traits.


Frappachino is such a happy guy, he is ALWAYS smiling! He also walks backwards.

Tommy is adorable, and her name is TOMMY! She walks backwards once in a while, but not as often as my other undeads.

Frenchie is another daughter of Tilda and just as sweet. Looks exactly like her too!


Terry is the grandson of Tommy. This little guy also has 36 lobes.


Ranch is very pretty. I love her slightly purple/pink tint. I don't know why I named her Ranch. Maybe I was eating ranch flavored something at the time.

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