Friday, November 9, 2012

What a wonderful night to reminisce!


So, I gathered up what I had with me and decided to take some pictures of my old creatures loot. I have some more at my mothers house including boxes and the blueberry beanie, as well as the original colored C1 disc...I have NO IDEA where I even got this red one. Anyway I wanted to share some pictures from the guide since I always enjoy looking through it. The thing is pretty thick and covers lots of things about the game, genetics, creating custom content, caring for norns, the biology and genetic makeup of norns and tons of other things.

Here's what I have with me at the moment:

Yeah that's right! It's the OFFICIAL GUIDE! (like anyone published a non-official one..)
Along with the Creatures 2 disc, the Lifekit #1 disc from creatures 1 and a strange red and black version of the original creatures disc. I still remember driving home from computer city with the lifekit box in my hands. I was SO excited and I couldn't stop looking at the art. Anyway, moving on.

there's a lot of little cute drawings in the book of norns, ettins and grendels.

Some more norn art.

There were little tutorial-type images and explanations, along with Lucy of course.

Explaining systems and organs.

A lovely picture of an Ettin handing a norn an apple.

This was my favorite, they actually listed Creatures developers resource, Albia 2000 and The Norn Underground. They also mentioned creatures webrings and news groups from the time. 

Onto the videos: 

Creatures 1 Intros <3

And Creatures 2 <3

Okay, okay. I've never been a HUGE fan of C3 but here's that one too! <3


  1. Ugh, this thing ate my comment. Basically what I tried to say, apart from how FAT that ettin is was re the red CD. I had one of those, gave it away because it was a duplicate copy. I think they come with newspapers? Nice collection.

  2. Man, I have an old copy of that C2 guide somewhere. I remember I filled mine with notes in the margins. I'd like to find it again someday. Probably buried in my parents' attic. Man, such nostalgia.