Monday, July 30, 2012

Mutant love.

I finally have a day off of work and I can take a little time to do the things I love. Decided to check up on the Fishing Cactus development blog to see if anyone had answered my question about mutations. Awesomely enough there was a little discussion going on when I got back. :)

It looks like we'll be getting mutations. Maybe not many on release but some at a later time. Looks don't always play a part in mutations as we know and Andrea seems to be focused more on the visible mutations. He wants them to look good, which is awesome and shows he's pretty concerned about the quality of the game. The non-visible mutations I think will be easier to implement, simply because It's more about chemical reactions happening inside the norn which no custom visible queues. 

So this norn has a mutated gene, this gene misfires when the norn eats food. Say....something like starch is converted to alcohol. You will end up with a very drunk norn who stumbles around the world most of the time. However these animations should already be in the game if norns are getting drunk from drinking hooch (or something similar). 

I'm assuming these mutations might already be a given and the more far-fetched mutations are what Andrea is concerned about. The physical ones. I would be blown away if there were a good amount of physical mutations apart from pigment. A limping norn? Sounds awesome to me. Maybe even more extreme things will make an appearance later on. It's so exciting!

I really hope we can get lots and lots of wonderful mutations! :) 


  1. Mutations will hopefully be very interesting in Creatures 4: That's part of the exciting and unpredictable parts of Creatures! Although I'm not too fond of gait mutations... In C3/DS, the CFE genomes fixed this because lots of creatures ended up crippled and unable to get around. Maybe if there was a way to ensure that gait mutations would still allow a Norn to travel, they would work out well. I'll be looking forward to the game!

    (Psst... Andrea Di Stefano is a he, not a she.)

    1. Oh oops. :O I just assumed Andrea was a girls name. I'll have to change that, thanks :) I am really looking forward to the mutations in C4. It's true gait mutations can be a real hassle sometimes with the norns getting around. I've never really experienced it with C3 as I didn't play much of it, but in C1 and C2 I never had TOO much of an issue with norns getting around...In fact it seemed my Norns with gait mutations got around more than my regular norns simply because they couldn't control where they were going to the point they ended up EVERYWHERE.